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Structure of a class of Bagua and Xingyi in Ramsgate

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So you want to know what classes can be like? Some of the things we list wont be familiar to a lot of you but they will be once you start learning. Our class formats are relaxed in many ways but the core of it is quite traditional, which some may think is old fashioned, but in fact its quite the opposite in terms of movement coaching!
Classes to include these parts of the syllabus:
  • Nei-Gung/Chi Gung
  • Meditation
  • Basic hand methods
  • Heavenly Stems and conditioning
  • Straight Line methods - technique based training (64 techniques)
  • Circular Form - Fixed step (old forms) - Moving Step - Swimming Dragon (Black dragon swings its tail & the 'five dragons')
  • Bagua push hands, sticky hands, joint - tendon locking
  • Throwing
  • Two person form / drills
  • Sparring - gloves - and non gloves
  • Weapons - Straight Sword

Xingyi 5 elements @ animals:

  • Tai Bird
  • Chicken - fighting rooster
  • Dragon
  • Monkey
  • Horse
  • Chicken Hawk
  • Swallow

Xingyi 5 element staff:

  • Power exercises for the staff
  • Staff - free work building up to sparring
  • Form - 5 Element staff
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